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Nov 2022

S3 Episode 7- ATWT Interviews Urban Fantasy Author Rosie Wylor-Owen

From her website:

"Rosie Wylor-Owen is a USA Today Bestselling author of urban fantasy and paranormal romance books."

Her most recent release, Valkyrie Broken, completes her 7-book The Rogue Valkyrie Series. I was fortunate enough to sit down with Rosie (virtually, of course, as she currently lives near London) to discuss her newest release, what's it's like to be an indie author, and was even able to get some darn good writing advice from her. 

If you're interested in learning more about Rosie and her work, you can visit her website: https://rosiewylor-owen.com/.

If you'd like to connect with Rosie on social media, you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.


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Nov 2022

S3 Episode 6: ATWT Interviews Mystery Author Lynn Chandler Willis

Since the recording of this episode, the publication date for Lynn's newest release, What the Monkey Saw, has been pushed to January 24, 2023. Not to worry, though, you can pre-order a copy HERE!

Interested in reading Lynn's work? Visit lynnchandlerwillis.com

Find Lynn on social media:

Facebook: @lynnchandlerwillis

Instagram: @lynnchandlerwillis_author


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Nov 2022

S3 Episode 5: ATWT interviews Romance Author Megan Musgrove

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Oct 2022

S3, Episode 4: ATWT Interviews Author Dianne C. Braley

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Oct 2022

S3, Episode 3: ATWT Interviews Indie Author Jen Craven

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Sep 2022

S3 Ep2: ATWT Interviews Historical Fiction Author Kerry Chaput

When introducing Kerry I mistitled her indie book The Darkness We Carry. 

Learn more about Kerry on her website: KerryWrites.com

NOTE: We DO care about static characters. 

Sep 2022

S3 Episode 1: ATWT Interviews Indie Author Stephanie Verni

Buy Stephanie's books HERE

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Jun 2022

Special Episode: I’m Still Here

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Feb 2022

S2: Episode 7: Publishing Update & Commas After Beats? No, stop it.

In this episode I challenge you to get a traditionally published book and look for commas after beats. I think if you do find any, their numbers will be few. In this section, I say not to get a self-published title. I mean no offense to self-pubbed authors (of which I am one). What I mean is, it will be much more difficult to find a well-edited self-pubbed work than it will be to find a well-edited trad published work. This is not a knock on those indie authors who go above and beyond to put out the best work possible. Merely an acknowledgment that great work can be difficult to find among work that still needs a few rounds with an editor. 


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Feb 2022

S2 Episode 6: Is ”write for yourself” bad writing advice? Sometimes

Is "write for yourself? bad writing advice? Sometimes it absolutely is. 


No show notes this week. 


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