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Sep 2020

Episode 29 - How to Handle Critique (part 1)

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Episode 13: About This Writing Thing - https://aboutthiswritingthing.podbean.com/e/episode-13-corrections-editing-updates-and-critique-tips/


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Sep 2020

Episode 28: Why Your First Draft Doesn’t Have to be Magical

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Sep 2020

Episode 27: Show & Tell: Finding a Balance That Works

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Aug 2020

Episode 26: Pacing: How to Get it Right

Let's talk about one of my weaknesses, pacing. I know what my problem is, the stakes aren't high enough, but I just haven't found my stride in fixing those issues yet. Thought this might be the perfect place to talk about it!

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Aug 2020

Episode 25: Procrastination: How to work with it, not against it.

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Aug 2020

Episode 24: Give Me A Beat - Finding A Balance That Works

Today we're talking dialogue/end tags vs. story beats. I'd love to know which you prefer, or if you have found that delicate balance for both!

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Jun 2020

Update Episode!

Hello, Hello!

It's been a little bit since I've posted an episode and I'm finally showing up to tell you why. New episodes will resume soon. Thank you for your support!


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Apr 2020

Episode 23: My Revise & Resubmit Request Has Me Feeling Some Type of Way

I did it! I finally got agent feedback and it was GREAT! But now she's asked me to revise a few things and I'm scared to death I'm going to mess it up! 


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Apr 2020

Episode 22: Pitching in the Time of Corona

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The Hot Sheet


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Apr 2020

Episode 21: Writing For Posterity

No show notes this week, folks. I'm suffering from what a number of writers are at this time, a lack of motivation to write anything, which is too bad considering that this is an ideal time for writers to write for posterity. 

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