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Aug 2019

Episode 4: No more “Aspiring” and other Peeves

Do you refer to yourself as an "aspiring" writer/author? Stop it!

This week I'm talking about a few things that we really need to stop doing in the writing community. First and foremost, stop minimizing what you're doing. If you're writing creative works you are not aspiring, you are writing. Want to write faster? We've all seen those videos and heard the spiel, right? I've got the answer in this episode!

**I say YouTube podcast in this episode. Sometimes my words don't work well. I meant, of course, YouTube video**

Thanks for listening! 

Aug 2019

Episode 3: Eliminating “Thought” Verbs

After reading Chuck Palahnuik's article Nuts and Bolts: "Thought" Verbs on Lit Reactor I knew I was in trouble! Time to eliminate those "thought" verbs from my narrative. 

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