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Mar 2020

Episode 20: Notes on a Scandal - My Review of Excavation & My Dark Vanessa

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Mar 2020

Episode 19: Social Distancing and My FULL REQUEST!

We're living in strange times, folks. I never thought I would have to worry about a toilet paper shortage in my lifetime, yet here I am...worrying. 

This is my first episode back in a while and I'm talking about current world events (i.e. COVID-19), social distancing, and my first FULL REQUEST! I love saying that! 

I'm also excited to give you a bonus episode this week! Episode 20 (available 3/27/20) is my review of Wendy Ortiz's EXCAVATION and Kate Elizabeth Russell's MY DARK VANESSA

If you want to see what I'm up to between episodes, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram (@saybeller) and you can find this podcast on Twitter (@writingthingpod). 

You can also visit my website: saywordbeller.com

Until next time!

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